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What If I Find A Vehicle While Cleaning A Foreclosure Property?

Discovering a vehicle tucked away in an abandoned property, whether through a foreclosure or a cleanup task, might seem like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. However, the process of claiming ownership and obtaining a title for such a find is far from straightforward. In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of dealing with vehicles in abandoned properties, shedding light on the legal aspects involved.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is not legal advice, and consulting with an attorney is recommended for personalized guidance.

Vehicles and Real Estate Transfers: Separate Entities

Contrary to popular belief, vehicles do not automatically transfer ownership with real estate transactions. Whether you acquire a property through foreclosure or any other means, the vehicles on the premises remain distinct assets requiring separate legal procedures for title transfer.

Methods for Title Acquisition

When confronted with a vehicle found on a property you’ve acquired or are tasked to clean out, various methods can be employed to secure the title:

  1. Bonded Title:
    • Ideal when lacking paperwork or the previous title. Involves filing a surety bond and an affidavit.
  2. Magistrate Title:
    • A method where a magistrate determines ownership based on evidence provided.
  3. Prior Owner Contact:
    • Reaching out to the previous owner if possible and obtaining their cooperation in transferring the title.

It’s essential to note that each method comes with its own set of pros and cons, and the suitability may vary based on the circumstances.

Cleaning Out Foreclosed Properties: Documentation Matters

If you’re hired to clean out a foreclosed property and stumble upon a vehicle, the directive to keep what you find needs to be clearly documented. Verbal agreements are unlikely to suffice, and having a written agreement with the property owner or the entity that hired you is crucial.

Beware of the Term “Abandoned”

Using the term “abandoned” should be approached with caution. Declaring a vehicle abandoned without due process can lead to unintended consequences. In many states, calling a vehicle abandoned may result in surrendering it to the state for auction, making it crucial to avoid using this term unless fully aware of the legal implications.

Legal Advice: Your Best Companion

While this overview provides a general understanding, the complexity of title acquisition demands legal expertise. Consulting with an attorney experienced in vehicle titles ensures proper adherence to state laws and regulations. It’s advised to seek legal counsel before taking any action, as laws can vary, and a misstep might lead to unintended consequences.

Navigate with Caution

Uncovering a vehicle in an abandoned property presents an opportunity, but navigating the path to legal ownership requires caution and adherence to legal procedures. Whether you’re a property buyer, a cleanup professional, or an individual finding a vehicle in an unexpected place, understanding the legal intricacies is paramount to avoiding complications down the road.

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