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Import Vehicle Document Preparation

Import Vehicle Document Preparation

When a vehicle enters the United States, it is coming in either as a “visitor” or an actual imported vehicle. If a vehicle is intended to come to this country for the purposes of being titled in the US, it is required to be legally imported through a process of domiciling the motor vehicle as a recognized asset within this country. This process is handled by US Customs and Border Protection (CPB).

Before a vehicle can be titled in the US, it needs to go through this process. There are several forms needed to apply for this process, and then the vehicle must be presented for inspection

The forms are Customs and Border Protection forms HS-7, 3299, 3311, 3461, 6059, 7501. If you would like a package of the blank forms sent to you by PDF for your own use, we can provide that from the following link. ($49)

If you would like a printed paper version already filled out and prepared for your vehicle you can order that from this link. ($219) We will prepare the documents, print them, and send you the documents via USPS Priority mail with tracking

Be advised, that in both cases you will still need to do the import process yourself, such as scheduling the vehicle inspection and finishing the import procedures. We also have Title Consulting available if you need more assistance at the following link.

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