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3 Ways We Can Help You:



Video library of instructions and information about getting a title when you don’t have proper documents. Also a directory of all 50 states blank forms for title processing. 


Paid Title Service

Document preparation for any one of 8 title recovery methods, conformed to your specific location and circumstances at your selection. Documents prepared, printed, and sent to you via USPS Priority Mail.


Live Title Consultation

One on one video call with a certified title agent to listen and go over your specific situation. We can advise possible eligible  methods to get a title, and look for visible title records. $20 credit for any future title services.

On Demand Service

Personal access to experts at your service. VIP Concierge direct connection to a certified vehicle title professional. You will have their undivided attention to listen to you and give you actual answers and describe your title options.

Can’t get a straight answer from the DMV?

State Vehicle Title Department not returning your calls?

Need an answer to a complex question about your vehicle title?

Want more personal attention than from watching a “YouTube”?

Prefer to talk to a live person about a title or lien release?

Getting the runaround from a government agency? (DMV, inspection, etc)

We also provide a lookup of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) history, providing basic information on available records of vehicle previous titles, liens, salvage, back taxes, etc. **

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get to talk to a consultant for?

A VIP consultation is 18 minutes.

Who are the experts that I am talking to?

The consultant will be a licensed expert in the title industry related to your question.

Am I talking to customer service for the DMV or government agency?

No, this is a private consumer resource unrelated to any other business, or government agency.

How is my consultation performed?

You will have a private video link to have a conversation with your licensed professional consultant, with the ability to send and receive documents and images if needed.

*What is included in the VIN lookup?

We will run a basic electronic VIN check for you. It is not exactly the same as a primary source VIN check by the DMV or law enforcement agency, but may provide some background on the vehicle where electronic records are available, with limitations.

*What is a Bill of Sale?

We provide a Bill of Sale form that you can use for your transaction. You will need to fill in the vehicle details and sale price of the transaction.

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