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How to Know if a Vehicle Title is Void

Many people who obtain a vehicle title wonder if the title will ever become void. A vehicle title is usually never voided, with few exceptions. This article will outline the most common reasons for a vehicle title to be void.

Damaged or mutilated titles

If the title is damaged or mutilated, it can’t be used as proof of ownership. The DMV will not accept any certificate of title that is not in pristine condition. This includes minor damages such as stray pen marks and corner rips.

Unsigned titles or open titles

An open title is a big problem. If you have a certificate of title in hand, but it wasn’t signed by the last seller, you may have a skipped title. A skipped title means that the ownership transfer process improperly skipped over a prior owner which voids the title.

Misspelling or misinformation in the application process

If you submitted your application for a title with spelling errors or incorrect information, this automatically voids your title certificate. All information on your application for a title should be double and triple-checked for accuracy before submitting it to the DMV.

If you’re still unsure of whether a vehicle document has been voided or not, get in touch with the appropriate office and speak to a representative. They’ll be able to let you know exactly what has happened—and whether or not there’s a possibility of retrieving your documents.


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