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Vehicle Certificate of Origin

So what is a vehicle certificate of origin? If you’ve seen one, it looks like a title. It has the vehicle identification number on it, but it’s not a title. It doesn’t show ownership to a retail buyer.

Purpose of the Certificate
It demonstrates that the car was manufactured by some factory. In some cases, it’s called an MSO, manufacturer’s statement of origin, instead of a certificate of origin. It’s created by the manufacturer, Chevy, Ford, Honda, Toyota, whoever it is, and it shows that that vehicle was created.

Comparison to a Birth Certificate
It is like a birth certificate. It originates the VIN number. It’s prior to titling to an individual person. It’s even prior to titling to a dealership.

Transfer and Titling
It may be assigned to a dealership, but it doesn’t have to stay there. Another dealership could take it over; they could trade cars and then sell it to a retail buyer.

Establishing Title
If your car has never been titled, you need to go back to the certificate of origin in order to get that origin established and then title it in your name.

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