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Lien Release for Vehicle Title

So how do you get a lien release for a title on a vehicle when there’s a lien listed on the title? That means that the lender controls that title. They either have the physical document in hand, or they control with the DMV how that document’s going to be released.

Loan Payment and Lien Control
Even if the loan is paid off, if the lien release is recorded, that means that control of that title remains with the lender. The lender may or may not have a process for providing that document of a lien release. Some lenders don’t have specific people that provide lien releases.

Lender’s Process for Lien Release
Usually, what they do is when the loan is paid off, they just mail the title out, and it’s done automatically. They might even have that title document. If not, they have the lien release.

Steps to Obtain a Lien Release
But if you do need one, it has to go through that lender. Now, in many cases, the process to do that may not be defined. There’s not, you know, “press 2 for lien releases” on their voicemail. So you have to get to that right person. Sometimes it’s going through different channels or having a title agent handle that for you.

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