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Connecticut Lost Vehicle Title

Title Replacement in Connecticut
Today we’re going to talk about some of the details for title replacement in the state of Connecticut. Connecticut has a form which allows for a duplicate title to be combined with a transfer of ownership. So if you’re purchasing a vehicle or have purchased a vehicle and the prior owner doesn’t have the title, they can actually request a duplicate to be issued in your name at the same time. That’s a form H-6B. So that’s a good thing in Connecticut; you can do two things simultaneously.

Lien Release for Vehicles
If you have a vehicle that has had a lien on it, you need a lien release. If the vehicle is more than ten years old or the lien is more than ten years old, you can use an H-115 form to release that lien. That way, you don’t have to have a specific document from the lien holder.

Transferring Ownership for Older Vehicles
If the car is more than ten years old, there doesn’t need to be a title. You can use a Q1 transfer form to transfer the ownership of the vehicle. In Connecticut, their DMV headquarters is in Wethersfield. That’s the best place to go; they’ll have the most comprehensive understanding of some of these rules.

Sales and Use Tax in Connecticut
If you have a vehicle that has some missing documentation, be aware that Connecticut has a sales and use tax. So anytime a vehicle is transferred, there’s tax due. Jumping titles or skipping titles may be a way to avoid that tax, but it could catch up with you because Connecticut will audit those transfers to make sure they get their taxes.

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