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Bonded Vehicle Title

This is Dave at In order to get a title in your name, you may have availability to use the bonded title process.

Bonded Title Process
What that entails is purchasing a bond, which is a form of insurance policy, from a private company, an insurance company, and then presenting that to the DMV. They’ll use that guarantee in order to issue you a title.

Documentation Requirements
Be aware that the bonding company will also require certain documents. They’re going to need to approve that scenario. If you do not have sufficient documentation or a scenario of how you got the vehicle, the bonding company doesn’t have to issue you that insurance policy. They can reject it just like the DMV can, so make sure you collect all the documentation you can prior to approaching that bonding company.

State Specifics
Also be aware that it is state specific. Some states allow bonded titles, some don’t. If you get a bonded title in a state that allows it and then attempt to bring that vehicle to a state that doesn’t recognize a bonded title, you may have an issue.

Bond Stamp Duration
Also be aware that that bond stamp will remain on the title for a certain period of time. It may be three years or five years; depends on the state, depends on the year of the vehicle. So make sure if you need to do something like finance a vehicle or sell it where that bonding stamp could be an issue, that you take that into account.

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