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Arizona Duplicate Title

To obtain a duplicate title for your car in Arizona, you can easily do so through The process is remarkably simple and cost-effective, setting you back only four dollars.

Procedure for Submission
You have two options for submitting your request. Firstly, you can mail the necessary documents to Phoenix. Alternatively, there are third-party locations scattered across the state where you can submit the required form in person.

Dealing with Liens
Should there be a lien release or an existing lien on the vehicle, additional steps will be necessary. You’ll either need a lien release or the duplicate title will be sent to the lender, who will subsequently forward it to you upon loan settlement.

Fast Turnaround
The efficiency of the process is notable. If you opt to handle your request in person at the state office in Phoenix or choose to send it via mail, you can expect a swift turnaround time. In just five days, your duplicate title will be processed and dispatched back to you. With mailing time factored in, it takes less than a week to have your title back in hand.

Conclusion: Arizona’s Hassle-Free Duplicate Title Process
Arizona proves to be an excellent choice for acquiring a duplicate title for your vehicle. Not only is the process straightforward and inexpensive, but the rapid turnaround time ensures minimal inconvenience. For just four dollars, you can have peace of mind knowing your duplicate title will be swiftly processed and returned to you.

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