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Arizona Duplicate Title

So how do you get a duplicate title for your car in Arizona? This is Dave at

Cost and Submission Methods
It only costs four dollars to get a replacement title. You can either mail the document to Phoenix, or there are some third-party locations where you can go in person all around the state to submit that form.

Lien Release Requirements
If there’s a lien release or if there’s a lien on the vehicle, you’ll either need a lien release, or they’ll send the title duplicate to the lender and then they’ll send it to you if you pay off the loan.

Processing Time
There’s a very fast ETA on these Phoenix duplicate titles in Arizona. If you go to the state office in person or if you send it by mail, they’ll turn it around in five days and send it back to you. So in addition to mailing time, it’s less than a week to get your title.

So, Arizona is a great place to get a duplicate title—four bucks and it comes back to you very quickly.

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