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Vehicle with No Title

So what if you have a vehicle that has no title? Well, in every case of a vehicle, there is a title for the car. It may not be in your hands or may not be in your name. It may have been lost, but there is a title for every vehicle.

Methods to Obtain Title
Now, the first thing to look at is are there methods to get the title in your name? Because that’s what you want, right? You want to get the title in your name. Whether it’s from another state that has lacks or lower documentation requirements, sometimes there are title agents that will require them to transfer the car to you and then they transfer it back.

Sales Tax Liability
Be aware that that might trigger a sales tax liability and even open up the door for prior skip title sales tax liabilities. You can usually do these things yourself without needing a title agent. The question’s going to be, if you’re skipping titles and you’re opening up sales tax liabilities, what are the ramifications of that? Is there kind of come back and you’re going to get a big tax bill at a later date?

Dealing with Third Parties
Also, if you’re dealing with any third parties, be aware that if you sign a power of attorney document that gives them free rein to sign anything on your behalf for that vehicle. Now, even though it’s exclusive to just that car, it might give them the leeway to sign something that might not be true. It might allow them to sign an affidavit that says this car was an abandoned vehicle or this car had some process happened to it. If that didn’t happen, it’s just like you signed that document under oath.

So be aware that the third party, they just want to collect their title fees and get you whatever title they can. They may not do it the exact legal way, and if they’re under power of attorney for your name, that might come back to haunt you.

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