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Nevada Lost Car Title

Instructions for Replacement Lost Car Title in Nevada
Nevada is a true DMV state, meaning that their Department of Motor Vehicles is a separate department, it’s not part of another division of the state government.

The Simple Solution: Replacement Lost Car Title Form
They have a very simple form, it’s a replacement lost car title form. It’s an easy solution to get a title.

Convenient Kiosks Across the State
They also have kiosks around the state so you don’t have to go into a DMV office. You can go to a kiosk and there’s a list of where those are located on their website. They’re unmanned, they’re automated. You can get duplicate registrations, you can apply for lost titles, you can apply for even a replacement driver’s license at those locations.

How to Proceed
The easiest way to do it is to use this form. You can download it online from the website. The link is also available at our website You can fill out the form, you can mail it in.

Expedited Option Available
They also have an expedited option where if you pay a couple dollars more you can actually have that title sent to you quicker. In either case, you fill out the form, you send it in, pretty soon you’ll have the legal title document sent to your address.

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