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Georgia Lost Vehicle Title

Obtaining a Replacement or Duplicate Vehicle Title in Georgia
These are instructions for obtaining a replacement or duplicate vehicle title for one you’ve lost or need a solution to come up with a new one in the state of Georgia.

Department of Driver Services and MV1 Form
The Department of Driver Services handles cart idling. They have a form called an MV1 form that you can download from their website. You can obtain the link from our website

Filling Out and Mailing the Form
You fill out the form. You send it in. You mail it to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

Verification Process
They’ll verify that you were the legal title owner. They’ll look at your address to make sure it’s the same one that was on the title. And they’ll mail it to you.

Important Reminders
The title will look something like this. It’ll come to your house. It’ll have your name on it.

Dealing with Liens
Remember if there was a lien on the vehicle, even if that lien was paid off, Georgia licensing department will have to know that. That lien was paid off before the issue entitles. We’ll make sure you check to make sure any liens you had on it were paid off and that the pay off information made it to the Georgia state government because if it didn’t they’re going to think there’s still lien on it and they may not send you your title.

Timeline and Ease of Process
But here’s the form. It’s easy to fill out. Georgia is one of the fastest states usually. We’ll get to you in about a week week and a half.

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