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Pennsylvania Lost Vehicle Title

How to Obtain a Replacement Car Title in Pennsylvania
These are instructions for obtaining a replacement car title for one you’ve lost or been misplaced in the state of Pennsylvania. It’s a good solution to get a title for a vehicle that’s already titled in your name that you just lost that copy. The Pennsylvania vehicle titling is done through the Department of Transportation. They have a form that’s available online through their website. You can download their, you can obtain the link from our website at

Notarization and Identity Verification
This form does need to be notarized. They want to verify your identity as the legal title owner to make sure they’re not sending off titles to your car to somebody who doesn’t actually own it. They’re protecting your interest. They also have a very strict lien release policy. Meaning that if there was ever a lien on your car even if you paid it off you bought the car new let’s say in 1990 you paid a five year car loan the bank sent you your title maybe you lost it the Pennsylvania do t need to have a verification that lien was paid off because the bank sent you the title directly they never usually tell Pennsylvania that you paid off that loan so you have to get a lien release document from that lender.

Lien Release Procedure
They have a very specific form that also needs to be notarized. If for some reason that lenders out of business or you still have the original payoff letter you may be able to use those documents in order to release that lien and get your title once you’re done the Pennsylvania VOT will send you your legal title. Once you have it you can sell the vehicle finance it trade it in whatever you need to do including insurance.

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