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How to get a Vehicle Title Search

What Information Can You Search?
So, how do you do a car title search? Well, the first question is whether or not you can get one. What actually do you want searched? If you want a history of the vehicle, that’s okay. If you want to know what type of title it is (salvaged, repaired, junk title), that’s okay too. If you want to know the last state in which the car was registered, then that’s an okay type of search to do. However, if you do want the owner’s name and the identity of the vehicle,, that’s not okay.

Federal Restrictions: DPPA
There’s a federal law called the DPPA (Driver’s Privacy Protection Act), which limits access to ownership information. It was passed back in the 1990s to protect the identities and locations of people. Let’s say, for example, that you want to find out where somebody lived. You look to their car, you write down their plate number or their ID number, and you go and do a title search, and you find out where they live.

Privacy Concerns and Misuse
People were using that process to stalk celebrities and maybe find people they wanted to know. There were even cases of road rage where somebody would get mad at somebody on the road, write down their car information, find out where they live, and go knock on their door and do something bad to them. So, for that reason, you can’t search for the owner of a vehicle. That makes it difficult sometimes to track a prior owner.

Alternative Methods
If you need to get a car title, in that case, things like acceptable uses through a licensed investigative agency may be used to find that information. The information probably can’t be revealed to a third party, but it could be used to do title recovery, as opposed to a title search.
By understanding the limitations and legal boundaries surrounding car title searches, you can navigate the process more effectively while respecting the privacy and safety of individuals.

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