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How long does it take to get a Vehicle Title?

Well, contrary to popular opinion, a car title is usually not an instant process. The DMV is the only place that can issue a legal title. Nobody can print one, no company can make one, you can’t buy one, you have to get it from a government agency: Department of Transportation, DMV, Department of Revenue, depending on your state.

Legal Document, Not Just Paper
It’s a legal document, it’s like money, and because of that, they don’t leave blank ones laying around at the DMV office. If there’s somebody to throw in a printer and print your name on it because it creates an opportunity for theft or fraud, and it’s outside their control to know what cars have titles printed form.

The Vault: Ensuring Security
In most states, they have a secure location they call it the vault that’s off-site. When somebody goes to a DMV office, they type in the information, they send it to the vault. The vault prints out these documents. They have blank legal documents that they print out.

Waiting Periods and Rush Titles
Some states even have a mandatory waiting period so that if somebody’s trying to commit fraud, it doesn’t happen immediately. Somebody can’t just grab a title, sell it real quick. They might have to wait fifteen or thirty days to get that title. Some states allow you to do a rush title if you have certain documentation.

Ensuring Security and Preventing Fraud
If you can prove your identity and have notarization or power of attorney, you can do a rush title. But normally you can’t just walk into a DMV office and say I want a new title and get it printed out. There’s a few states that allow that, but most do it off-site to control access to those legal documents in those blank title forms so there’s no fraud and it protects ownership interest in vehicles.

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