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So, how can you get a free replacement title for your vehicle if you’ve lost it? Well, first of all, start with the premise that it fits your car. You deserve a title if you’re the legal owner. You deserve to have a title for that vehicle. Most states only charge about five dollars for a lost title. The question is, can you get qualified to have a lost title issued to you? That’s really going to be the question. If you want the name transferred, that’s okay too, but you have to start with the premise that it’s your car and you deserve a title, and a title really only costs five dollars from a state most times.

Avoid overpaying for assistance.
Additional money is paid out of ignorance or lack of knowledge about the process to get the title. You’re paying some company or some person to do work for you that you could do yourself if you just knew about it. Look at the actual DMV fee for the title that you’re getting. Why would you pay more than that? The DMV fee is twelve dollars, and you’re paying two, three, or four hundred dollars. What is that money for? It’s for somebody who just knows about something you could probably look up on the internet. If you need help, that’s okay, but make sure it’s a reasonable amount. Anything more than about a hundred dollars should be a red flag that there might be other things wrong with that transaction.

Beware of risky processes.
Some of the outside companies that get titles require that you transfer the car to them. They get a title in their name, and then they transfer it back to you. That’s a huge risk. Anything can happen, and you could lose your car altogether. You also want to make sure that the process is not loaded with false statements. When you’re signing a title application, you’re saying that everything is true. And if you’re having somebody else do it, you don’t know if they’re using a process that has false statements just because it’s easier for them to do and doesn’t cost as much money rather than looking out for your best interests.

Ensure legal compliance.
You want to make sure you’re not helping somebody jump title on a car where you’re jumping from one owner to another without documenting that ownership and trying to evade sales taxes. Once you sign that form, you’re liable for everything else that happened behind the scenes. Just using some out-of-state loophole in some other state might technically be legal, but it might create some other improper representations. If you’re putting an address for a state or if you’re presenting a title to a state from outside your jurisdiction, you might be representing that you moved there or that the car was in the other state, and if those things are true, it could put the titles of the car at risk, the ownership at risk, and other products at risk.

Be informed and wary of excessive costs.
So, if you’re paying any more than a few dollars to get a title, look at what that money is for and what somebody’s doing behind the scenes to get your title to make sure it’s legal and you’re not going to get in trouble later.

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