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Copart Auction Vehicle Title

When you purchase a vehicle from Copart and encounter title issues, it’s often because the insurance company that sold the car through Copart didn’t have the title in their name. This typically occurs with crashed or damaged vehicles that were insured by companies like Geico or Progressive. Copart never titles the car in their name, and the insurance company usually doesn’t either. This means the last legal title remains in the name of the owner who had the car before it was totaled.

Challenges with Obtaining a Duplicate Title
Replacing a title for a Copart auction purchase can be challenging. Since neither Copart nor the insurance company can get a duplicate from the DMV, you’ll need to rely on the last title owner. However, this person may have had no contact with the vehicle for months or even years by the time it goes through the claims adjusting process, is sent to auction, and is sold.

Additional Complications with Liens
In many cases, vehicles purchased through Copart auctions have liens on them from car loans or auto leases. The lien holder will also need to sign off on the title replacement process. Because they may have only sent the title to the insurance company without properly closing it out with the DMV, these situations can become even more complicated.

Exploring Solutions
The first step in addressing title issues is to check with Copart to see if they retain a duplicate or have any power of attorney that could facilitate obtaining one. If not, the process becomes more complex. You may need to engage a title agent, or in some cases, even enlist the help of a private investigator or obtain a court order to acquire the title, especially if the prior owner is not easily accessible.

Navigating title issues when purchasing a vehicle from Copart requires patience and persistence. By understanding the complexities involved and exploring the available solutions, you can overcome these challenges and obtain the necessary documentation to properly title your vehicle.

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