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Will Anyone Own Gas or Electric Cars by 2035?

You know the next vehicle you buy could be the last gas-powered vehicle you ever owned. On the other hand, the next vehicle you buy could be the last electric vehicle you ever own. What do we mean by that? 

Well, as you know there’s a lot of pressure coming from government agencies and auto manufacturers to switch everybody over from gasoline to electric vehicles. The question is whether or not the logic or the business model of electric vehicles is going to work. Will there be enough chargers or is there enough capacity? Will there be enough people that want to buy them? But if it keeps going the way it is, in three or four years, there may not be many desirable gasoline vehicles available to buy. Certainly, there will be some, but the good ones might not be for sale anymore. Many manufacturers are already saying they’re not going to make gasoline vehicles. They’re not coming out with any new models. And they’re forcing dealers only to sell electric vehicles. Ford told its dealers that if they don’t switch over to electric vehicle retailing, they basically can’t have a dealership. Buick told all its dealers we’ll buy you out if you don’t sell electric vehicles. It’s getting so serious that they’re even starting to now force airplane manufacturers to make electric airplanes. They’re trying to get fuel not to be used, you know jet fuel kerosene, not to be used in airplanes. So if they’re trying to make electric airplanes there must be really serious about electric cars. But is it going to work? You might buy an electric car in three or four years but you might find that three or four years later that the whole thing collapses, and there’s not enough infrastructure to keep up with electric vehicles, and then everybody goes back to gas, who knows? But if it goes away it’s going, there may not be gasoline cars to buy in three or 4-5 years. 

Look, everybody talks about 2030 as the year when all the states and manufacturers are putting a ban on gasoline vehicles. It sounds like a long way away but it’s really not. Right now we’re knocking on the door of 2023. So let’s round it off and call it 2023. 2030 will be seven years from now. If you go back in time from 2023 minus seven years that was 2016, think back to 2016, what were you doing? It’s not that long ago. You can think back to that easily. The car you have might even be from 2016 or older. You might be in the same house that you were in 2016. So 2030 is in just a blink of an eye. It’s not that far away. So if gasoline vehicles will not be available or really any that you want to buy, what are you going to do 4-5 years from now? 

So whatever you have now for gasoline vehicles or whatever you buy in the next couple of years might be the last gasoline vehicle you ever owned. Everything after that might be electric. Plan your life accordingly. Think about how you travel, think about how you commute, and take trips. What’d you do on the weekends? It all might change because you don’t think about it every day but your fueling and refueling regimen is based on driving couple hundred miles, stopping for a minute, and filling up driving another few hundred miles. You don’t really have to plan a lot of time to refuel or re-extend the range of a vehicle. You don’t have to plan for time. 

Forget about the availability of chargers because that’s a whole other story. Gas stations are everywhere. When you’re driving in most places every minute or two you hit a gas station. For electric chargers, you might have to drive an hour or more to hit a charging station. Certainly, there may be more of them in a few years. Not as many as gas stations certainly, but there’ll be more of them. But having one available isn’t really the issue is it? When you fill-up for gas right now it takes you a minute or two. What if it takes you an hour or two? How is that going to change going for a weekend trip? How is it going to change going for a day trip? What do you do on a Saturday? Do you drive through the country? You go look at the fall leaves, you go skiing, how will that change that trip if there you have to add two or three hours of charging time into that schedule? Do you leave yourself two or three hours extra time on your trips? Now you might have to in the future, do you have a plugin charger in your house? You’ll need a 240-circuit, the same as your dryer, your range, your hot water heater, and your air conditioner in your garage. Maybe you might want to do that now because the cost of doing this is going to go up in the future. You can get an electrician to run that now and it’s still gonna cost you money, but having that in your home now may be a good investment for down the road. The price won’t stay low forever. Whatever you’re getting in your investment in the stock market or your other interest rates, saving a thousand dollars in three years on a $500 investment for a charger might be the best rate of return you get on anything.

Something to think about. Put your comments below and let us know what you think. Do you think this EV thing is going to happen or is it going to backfire and we’re all going back to gas at some point in the future? Put your comments below.

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