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Safety Risks At Public EV Charging Stations

Here’s sometimes an overlooked factor of electric vehicles that might be worth considering for your purchase or maybe even use and lifestyle for an EV. 

An electric vehicle is different than a gas vehicle in that when you go to recharge it or refuel it, you don’t pull into a gas station and pop back out. You know fill it up in two or three minutes and leave. With an EV, you’re locked into that EV charging station for a long time sometimes an hour or more. It’s bad enough when you pull into a gas station that is just a little bit of a risk factor.

There are a lot of robberies and crime that occurs in gas stations because thieves and criminals know that you’re going to be stopped and sometimes they’ll reach into the other side of your car and hopefully, you leave it unlocked for their sake and grab your purse or grab your wallet or grab something of value out of the car or even carjack you because you step out of the car to put the gas in. And sometimes that’s their opportunity to do this but you’re only there for a few minutes, five minutes at the most. With electric vehicles, you’re stuck there plugged in where you can’t just drive away for an hour or more. 

What happens if you’re in an EV charging station, your car is plugged in, and a thief comes up to the window with a gun or starts banging on your car? What are you going to do? You’re known to be stopped there for an hour and a smart thief will take advantage of this opportunity and maybe use it for criminal intentions. What if they block you in and they don’t let you leave, or if they start banging on your window or smashing your window to grab something out of your car you can’t just turn on the car and drive away? You’re locked in with a cord, you’re tied into that place. 

And this is something that was addressed in this article, a major concern for women is safety and security at charging stations. Because again by definition, you are committed to being there and a thief knows you are going to be sitting in your car for an hour. They know that and if they’re just sitting across the street, watching you pull in they know the ones you get there. You’re basically hostage for one hour and they can do whatever they want. So you might want to consider that. Make sure you’re charging in public areas in daylight may be trying to do your charging at home so you’re not stopped for too long in a place or maybe charging in a parking lot where you can plug in and walk into a store you’re not trapped in your car. 

Thinking about that usability and that charging reality might be something that’s important, just like you plan everything else about your day. Tell us what your thoughts are in the comments. And if this is something you’ve considered or you consider it too much of a risk to get an electric vehicle.

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