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Vehicle Title from Previous Owner

Did you lose a title for a vehicle that was not yet in your name?

Contact the Seller First
If the title was lost or misplaced, the first thing to do is, do you still have access to that seller? That’s your first thing. More importantly, is that seller the actual title donor? If they are the ones who are the legal title owner, it’s very simple.

Seller Can Obtain Duplicate
They can go down to DMV, get a duplicate, and then sign over to you again like they did before. Now, the process sounds simple. Getting that person to actually go to DMV and do it, that’s another story.

What If the Seller Isn’t Available?
If the prior owner is not available or if the seller wasn’t the legal title owner, now it’s a bigger problem.

Look for Other Records
You need to look for what other records you have – a bill of sale, registration – and look for what legal process you can do to get the title in your name.

Special Case: Vermont Process
In most cases, you need that legal title document to get a title. However, there’s a process in the state of Vermont if the vehicle meets certain qualifications where they will issue you a title based on just having a bill of sale. And it does not have to be from the legal title owner.

Straightforward Process
The car doesn’t have to be in Vermont. It doesn’t have to ever been titled in Vermont. You don’t have to be in Vermont. It’s a very straightforward process.

DIY Solution
You can do it yourself. You don’t have to pay anybody or hire anybody to do yourself process. And it’s a document you can download from our website at

Additional Assistance
You can also ask questions about particular title problems at our website consumers title org. If you have a tricky title problem you need some free assistance with, we can give you some advice.

Start with the DMV
The main thing is start with the DMV. You might have to be persistent, but they can give you some answers. But if they can’t help you, contact our website.

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