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Alabama Lost Vehicle Title

Alabama Department of Revenue
In Alabama, the Department of Revenue handles all vehicle titling. Within the department, there’s a division specifically dedicated to motor vehicles. It’s important to note that this process serves as a revenue-generating option for the state.

Obtaining the Form
To begin the process of replacing a lost title, you’ll need to obtain the necessary form. You can download this form directly from the Alabama Department of Revenue website or acquire the link conveniently from our website at

Submission and Tracking
Once you’ve filled out the required form, you can submit it to the Alabama Department of Revenue. An interesting feature unique to Alabama is that you can track the status of your title online. This transparency allows you to monitor the progress of your title being issued.

Receipt of Title
Once the process is complete, the Alabama Department of Revenue will print out the title. This official document will then be mailed directly to your house, providing you with the legal title document for your vehicle.

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