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Top 5 Overlooked Tips Before Buying a Vehicle

Vehicles are an essential part of life that take us everywhere we need to go, whether it may be school, work, the beach, or soccer practice. However, there are many factors to take into consideration before purchasing a vehicle. While they may seem simple and straightforward, there are a number of things to keep in mind such as pricing, dealership reviews, and vehicle reviews. Ideally, you should be aware of all of these factors when deciding on what vehicle you should buy, but there are 5 additional overlooked tips that can help you when deciding on your next vehicle.

What is the future of the make and model?

If you plan to keep your vehicle for a long time, you may want to consider if this is the last model of the vehicle before a major upgrade. Your resale value may diminish by the new upgraded model. Many manufacturers are moving toward electric vehicles, will your vehicle be relevant in technology within the next few years?

Insurance premiums may vary by model

Insurance for some vehicles may be higher due to parts. Some vehicle parts cost excessively more than other manufacturers. Most of the cost has to do with the repair expenses of vehicles. If the parts are hard to find or more expensive, your insurance will be more expensive. Sometimes certain trim levels will even have higher rates.

Make sure the dealership has a title for that vehicle on-premise

When you go to a dealership to buy a used car, make sure they have the title ready. If they don’t have the title on hand, it can be difficult to get it transferred into your name. Many dealers purchase vehicles at auctions and lienholders. If the title is lost or damaged, the dealer can’t apply for a duplicate title because the title was never in their name, they are simply the broker.

Get eyes on the prior title

If you can get eyes on the title, look at the prior owner. Where did the title come from? Was it used as a company car, an individual, a bank, or a rental car company? The value and the condition of the vehicle are highly determined by the prior owner if it is a used vehicle. For electric vehicles, higher heat negatively impacts electric vehicle battery life when compared to more temperate climates.

Ask the dealer for reconditioning records

If there’s no record of the vehicle ever being reconditioned, it could be a red flag. Ask the dealer for their own records of the reconditioning of that vehicle. Every dealership does at least something to the vehicle prior to selling it, even if it’s just cosmetic. Ask them to give you a printed copy of the repair estimate to see what they did. If they did a lot of work to it, it obviously needed a lot of work which could be a red flag depending on the year and mileage.

Ensure you go through everything before buying a vehicle. You may be under pressure to buy a vehicle now but don’t fall for the pushy sales tactics. Look at a range of vehicles to get the best reliable and well-made option. By using your best judgment and these five tips, you can feel prepared to take the next step toward vehicle ownership.

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