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Top 5 Common Car Title Problems

Jump to Title Issues
One of the most common problems with vehicle titles is a “jump to title.” This occurs when a title is signed over, but the original title owner was several years ago. This disrupts the ownership chain, making it impossible to sign the title the required number of times. Without a clear chain of title, resolving this issue can be complex.

Lien on a Vehicle
Another prevalent issue is when there’s a lien on a vehicle. This occurs when a bank or lending institution has a recorded lien on the title, even if the loan is paid off. The lien remains on the title records at the DMV, complicating the title transfer process.

Damaged Document
Sometimes, the legal title document is physically damaged or altered. Damage such as erasures or the use of correction fluid can void the title, rendering it unusable for DMV purposes.

Purged Records
In some cases, the vehicle’s ownership history is purged from the DMV records due to its age. This makes it challenging to establish a new title history, as vital information about past ownership is no longer available.

Auction Title Complications
Auction titles present unique challenges. Issues may arise when the correct paperwork isn’t provided or when the provided paperwork is damaged or incorrect. This can include certificates of destruction or salvage titles, requiring extensive efforts to rectify.

If you’re experiencing difficulties obtaining a vehicle title, you’re not alone. These top five common problems are encountered by many individuals seeking to secure proper title documentation. Resolving these issues often requires navigating complex bureaucratic processes, but with patience and assistance, it’s possible to overcome them and obtain a clear title for your vehicle.

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