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Should I Get A Bonded Title Or Abandoned Title?

So, how does a bonded title work, and how can it help you get a title for a vehicle? Well, in most states, 38 to be exact, a bonded title can allow you to obtain a legal title for a vehicle even when you have no paperwork.

The Bonded Title Process
If you find an old car abandoned on the side of the road, you may be able to use the bonded title process. However, it’s crucial not to mistake this for declaring the vehicle abandoned, as doing so could lead to losing ownership rights.

Abandoned Vehicles and Finders Keepers Misconception
Abandoned vehicles are not “Finders Keepers.” Declaring a vehicle abandoned may prompt the police to remove and auction it. Opting for a bonded title instead involves legitimizing your ownership claim with the licensing title authority.

Obtaining a Surety Bond
Contrary to common misconceptions, obtaining a surety bond for a bonded title doesn’t require thousands of dollars. You only need to purchase a surety bond equivalent to the vehicle’s value, which typically costs around a hundred dollars.

Submission to the DMV
After purchasing the surety bond, you need to fill out forms, sign affidavits, and submit the paperwork to the DMV. As long as the vehicle is not stolen, has no significant liens, and isn’t reported as “parts only,” you will be granted a title.

Abandonment vs. Title Application
Emphasizing that using the term “abandoned” in your title application is not advisable, as it could result in relinquishing ownership. The correct approach is to follow the bonded title process.

Mechanics Lien Misconceptions
Dispelling misconceptions about placing a mechanics lien on a vehicle for a storage fee. This process requires being a licensed automotive shop, having repair orders, and obtaining a substantial bond.

Court Order Title as an Alternative
Introducing a court-order title as an alternative to a bonded title. This process involves filing a claim of ownership with the court, making efforts to contact the owner, and obtaining a judgment to present to the DMV.

Exploring Options: Surety Bond and Court Order Title
Encouraging readers to explore both the surety bond and court order title options, providing more information on how these avenues can help resolve the issue of obtaining a title for a vehicle without paperwork.

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