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Court Ordered Titles Instruction – Client Services

Thank you for choosing for your court order title documentation. Your package contains various documents crucial for the court order title process. This guide provides essential information to help you navigate through the steps.

Step 1: Initial Checklist Upon receiving your package, locate the checklist on the top page outlining the steps necessary for the court order title. Understand the significance of each step before proceeding.

Step 2: Signing Required Forms Begin by signing the required forms included in your package. Note that your signature is a mandatory element, as most counties demand an ink-on-paper signature for submission to the court clerk.

Step 3: Adapting to Court Variability: Recognize that court requirements may vary, and staying updated is crucial. File your package promptly, as court specifications may change from week to week or month to month.

Step 4: Initiating Petition Filing Commence the petition filing with the court as soon as possible to initiate the court order title process. Be aware that other steps, such as filing a vehicle history request with the DMV, may be necessary.

Step 5: Timing Considerations: File the petition and the request for the DMV without waiting for supporting documents. This approach allows the court to guide you on when additional documentation is required.

Step 6: Scheduling Considerations: Submit your filing to the court promptly. Counties often have a lag time for scheduling hearings or responses, so initiating the process promptly is essential.
Step 7: Mailing Procedures: Utilize the provided court address in your package for mailing your documents. Avoid in-person visits to minimize courthouse traffic. This ensures efficient communication if the court requires further information.

Step 8: County-Specific Variations Recognize the diversity among the 3,611 counties in the country. Focus on filing your package, and allow the court to communicate its preferences and requirements.

Step 9: VIN Verification and Additional Requirements Prepare for potential additional requirements, such as VIN verification and photographic evidence of possession. Ensure you have a valid ID, as it may be needed during the process.

Step 10: Post-Judgment Procedures After receiving a judgment of ownership from the court, proceed to file it with the DMV. Utilize the paperwork provided in your package for the DMV title application.

Assistance and Support For any unanswered questions or clarifications, contact our help desk via email at [email protected]. While phone support is available, utilizing email often results in quicker responses due to our title processors being on hold with the DMV.

Simplifying the Title Acquisition Process We appreciate your trust in, and we are dedicated to simplifying the title acquisition process, minimizing bureaucracy, and assisting you throughout the court order title journey.

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