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No Lien Release Department? No Problem! Your Guide to Resolving Liens with Lenders

For many years, we have discussed obtaining a lien release for a vehicle, even with outstanding debts. We have explored the steps involved in acquiring a lien release, and recent developments regarding a company named American Car Center have brought this topic to the forefront. This underscores the importance of validating the method and suggestions we have been advocating for over a decade on how to ultimately obtain a lien release. 

Now, let us delve into the backstory of American Car Center’s closure and the process of obtaining a lien release.

So, here’s what happened: American Car Center, a sizable dealership organization with approximately 40 or 50 locations across the Southeast, operated by selling cars to customers and providing in-house financing. Essentially, they functioned as a “buy here pay here” lot, where customers financed their purchases through them and made payments directly to them. Once the payments were completed, customers would receive the title for their vehicle.

However, an unfortunate circumstance arose when American Car Center went out of business. This situation gave rise to a multitude of issues concerning outstanding payments, the ownership of the title, and other related complications.

We have been recommending a specific approach for years if you possess a vehicle that has been either charged off or written off and has any uncertainties regarding the title or lien release. Our suggestion is to request a lien release directly from the lien holder. 

However, paying attention to how you initiate this process is crucial. It is not advisable to handle it over the phone or through email, nor should you attempt to resolve it by simply calling them. The most effective course of action is to personally visit the lien holder’s office.

What you want to do is do it in writing in a very specific way. You prepare the document that’s a lien release, print it, mail it to them for signature put a return envelope with the self-addressed envelope. 

And so when this American car center went out of business, a lot of people reached out to the better business bureau. Brian Oglesbee from the Better Business Bureau has provided guidance on this matter. “Customers uncertain whether they should continue making payments have expressed their concerns,” According to the BBB representative, “some customers have fulfilled their payments but have yet to receive the car title.” The BBB advisors recommend that these customers request a release of lien form from the DMV and subsequently send it to the finance company.

Make the process convenient for them by providing a self-addressed stamped envelope, as most companies lack a dedicated department for form completion. This way, you simplify the procedure. Customers can easily send the completed forms back and receive the lien release. It closely aligns with what you previously mentioned. 

We have repeatedly emphasized that most companies lack a specific department for lien releases, and this Better Business Bureau representative has corroborated that. They have confirmed that this approach is the most effective means of obtaining a lien release for your vehicle. Companies may even grant a lien release despite outstanding debts if you approach them correctly.

The controversy surrounding American Car Center is not to be taken lightly; it has evolved into a significant crisis that has jeopardized the titles of tens of thousands of individuals. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that you make the correct request. Avoid doing it over the phone; certainly, if you are still making payments, it is crucial to continue doing so. However, it is equally important to ask for a lien release. Witnessing the availability of solutions for consumers in such situations is reassuring. Our aim is to prevent any unfortunate outcomes where you may lose both your vehicle and the substantial investment you have made over time.

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