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American Car Center Closure: How to Secure Your Vehicle Title

Recently, a major automotive retailer has closed and gone out of business. American Car Center operated over 40 dealerships in 10 states, and has left thousands of consumers with serious vehicle title issues. If you are a consumer who has purchased a vehicle from American Car Center, and has NOT received your title, you should take the following steps immediately.

  1. File a notice with the division of licensing in the state where you purchased the vehicle.

    Each state where America Car Center operates has a licensing division that enforces proper dealer operations. You should file a notice with the board in that state to make sure your case is in their system. Some states have restitution funds available for consumer cash for victims. Links to each state filing form where the dealer had locations is below:

    Alabama Georgia North Carolina
    Arkansas Kentucky South Carolina
    Florida Missouri Tennessee
  1. Retain copies of all payments made for the vehicle.

    For all of your car payments, and your down payment, collect the receipts and contracts for future use. If you had a trade-in vehicle, be sure that any prior loans were paid off.

  2. Run a title search to make sure the vehicle is not stolen or salvage.

    You want to check to see if the vehicle you purchased was subject to any prior salvage title brands, liens, or reported stolen. Check the NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) Records System to get a background. Link

  3. File for a court-ordered title to get the title in your name.

    In order to restore your rights to the vehicle, the magistrate in your county can sign a court order to declare you to be the rightful owner of the free and clear vehicle. Information and instructions on the process are at the following link:

  4. Send a lien release request to the registered agent for the corporate entity.

    Follow the link here

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