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Lost Vehicle Title Not in Your Name

So how do you proceed if you’ve got a title for a car from the prior owner, not from the current owner? This is Dave at

Problem Identification
From was not the legal title owner. They got the title from somebody else and is just transferring it to them. It’s presented by a different person.

Risks Involved
The seller and the owner—there’s risk in taking that car because you don’t know if the legal owner actually signed that title. Maybe it’s a different signature. You don’t know what the circumstances were.

Initial Steps
The first thing to do is find out the reasons why that seller doesn’t have the title in their name already. There’s many solutions. There’s vehicle title solutions and car title solutions that you can use to fix this problem.

Key Advice
The main thing is, don’t lose that document. And as soon as you’re able to transfer it to your name and get that car title solution into your name, then go ahead and do that.

Consequences of Delay
Because if you lose that document, now you have to go back and find a prior owner and track through the chain of title.

So transfer it immediately. Find the solution to that problem as soon as you can. Don’t put it off until you get the car fixed or months later, because if you lose that title or if you lose contact with the seller, it may be more difficult to get that title into your name.

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