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Lost Vehicle Title Before Transfer Registration

Identifying the Problem
So how do you fix a problem if you lost your title before you transfer the registration to your name? If you have a vehicle that you purchased and before you switch it to your name, you lost that title, you may have found out from the DMV that you have some difficulties.

Assessing the Situation
Let’s start out with this: first, find out how long did you have the car? If you’ve had it a long time and you’d lost track of the prior owner, the seller, that might be a problem. If it’s only been a few days, it might be easier.

Gathering Necessary Documents
Then look at what documents do you have. Do you have a copy of that title? Do you have a bill of sale that’s signed? Do you have the old registration? Those will help progress you down the chain of events to get a title.

Considering Professional Help
It’s very likely you can do this yourself. There are many title agents online charging money for services to fix that problem. The only reason they’re charging money is because they have knowledge of a process that you can do yourself, and you just don’t know about it yet. That’s why we have these videos.

DIY Process and Resources
Depending upon the year of the vehicle, what type of vehicle, and what paperwork you have, it’s a do-it-yourself process. It costs very little, if not zero money. You can ask questions about your particular scenario at consumers

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