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Lost Vehicle Title for Donated Vehicle

Importance of Title for Charity Vehicle Donation
When donating a vehicle to a charity, it’s crucial to have the title ready beforehand. Typically, charities require the title before accepting the donated vehicle.

Replacing a Lost Car Title
If you’ve misplaced the title for a car in your name, obtaining a duplicate from the DMV is the first step. Once you have the duplicate, you can then assign it to the charity.

Assessing the Need for a Title
Consider whether the charity plans to sell or scrap the donated car. If they intend to sell it, a title is essential. However, if they’re scrapping it, they may not require as much title evidence.

Transferring ownership to the charity
Ensure that your ownership of the vehicle is transferred to the charity promptly. This can be done by having the charity change the title to their name or by filing an affidavit with the DMV to end your ownership.

Avoiding liability issues
Failure to transfer ownership properly can lead to potential liability issues. If the title remains in your name, you could be held responsible for parking tickets, accidents, or other incidents involving the vehicle.

Acquiring Titles for Purchased Charity Cars
If you’ve bought a car from a charity but didn’t receive or lost the title, you may need to contact the previous title owner to locate where to submit a duplicate title application.

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