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Car does not have a Title

So what do you do when you have a car that has no title? This is Dave at

Understanding Car Titles
Oh, what do you do? Well, first of all, every car has a title. It’s just that you may not have that document, that piece of paper, in your hand. Even if you do have that piece of paper in your hand, is it your title? Does it have your name printed on the front? Not is it signed over on the back, but does it have your name printed on the front? Until you have a title that has your name printed by the DMV on the front of the title, the vehicle is not titled in your name.

Legal Ownership
Maybe it’s signed over to you but not legally titled in your name. So the first step is to get that paper title from the last person who owned the vehicle. A title has a name on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s yours or somebody else’s. You have to start with that piece of paper. If it’s not in your name, someone else legally owns that car, and you have to get it signed over to you.

Risks of Not Transferring the Title
There’s a risk in not getting that car signed over to you immediately. If, for some reason, the person who is legally on title goes through bankruptcy, gets a divorce, gets the lawsuit, some creditors may claim that asset and try to collect it back, even if the car is in your possession. Getting that title in your name is very important.

So remember, every car has a title. It just may not be in your hands, in your name, as of yet.

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