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Junk Vehicle Title

So what is involved with a junk car title? Sometimes the vehicle title is marked with some junk designation. It could just say “junk” on it, can say “parts only.” In some cases, it will say “certificate of destruction.” These designations are different from salvage title or repaired title in that a junk title or certificate of destruction normally will mean that the vehicle, it’s like a death certificate; the vehicle is no longer capable of being registered or titled for road use.

Irreversible Designations
Once that designation is on the title, it cannot be undone other than some very, very specific scenarios that we may be able to work with you on. But in most cases, it’s designed to be taken apart as a vehicle and not used as a whole car anymore.

If You Purchase a Junk Car
If for some reason you’ve purchased a junked car or certificate of destruction, you want to find out if that was disclosed to you at the time of purchase. If it was not disclosed to you by an auction, you may have some recourse. If you bought it as a private sale, let’s say from Craigslist or Ebay, the recourse may be different through that seller.

Potential Recourse and Disclosure
We’ve worked with many buyers who have purchased certificate of destruction or junk vehicles to find out exactly how that was transferred to you and how it was disclosed. If you knew when you bought it that it was a certificate of destruction and there can be some documentation that that was disclosed, you may not have recourse. But there’s no way to undo that type of title once it is done by this insurance company or by the auction that sells it as junk.

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