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How can I Correct an Error on my Vehicle Title Document?

So how can you correct an error on your vehicle title document? In order to present a car title to a government agency, the document is needed in its entirety. It can’t be missing pieces; it can’t be damaged or have holes in it.

Types of Damage to Avoid
There are also other types of damage, things like alterations to wording, erasers of written segments of the document. If there’s incorrect information placed on the document, that’s also considered damaged.

Common Errors
For example, if somebody signs it in the wrong place or the wrong person signs it, that’s the most common reason why a document is considered in error. Even illegible wording written onto a title document is an error considered by the DMV to be fatal, meaning that that document is no longer valid.

Entering Mileage Correctly
If you enter mileage on a box in the document, make sure that it’s written correctly. If there’s any changes to a cross out or a scribble, that will render that document invalid.

Making Corrections
If you do need to make changes, there may be an opportunity to have an affidavit of correction. That will only work if it’s a very minor error. Any other kind of erasers or scribbles or cross-outs will require a new duplicate document to be re-executed.

Dealing with Bureaucracy
That may be a bureaucracy process that’s difficult. You may have to go back to the prior owner, have a new document issued, and then re-execute all of those signatures.

Final Checks
So prior to filling out a car title document, make sure that all of the information is correct. And before you write something in a box, make sure it’s the right name, the right information, in the right place. For example, you don’t want to write the buyer’s information in the seller’s box because that will render that document invalid.

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