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How can I Correct an Error on my Vehicle Title Document?

Correcting Errors on Your Vehicle Title

  • Understanding Document Integrity
    When presenting a car title to a government agency, the document must be intact and undamaged. Any missing pieces, damage, alterations, or incorrect information can render the document invalid.
  • Types of damage
    Damage to a title document includes alterations to wording, erasures, or illegible sections. Even incorrect information, such as misplaced signatures, falls under this category.
  • Fatal Errors
    Illegible wording or incorrect entries are considered fatal errors by the DMV, making the document invalid.

Ensuring Accuracy Before Filling Out the Document

  • Mileage and Changes
    Any changes made to the document, such as cross-outs or scribbles, can invalidate it. Mileage entries must be accurate, and alterations should be minimal.
  • Affidavit of Correction
    Minor errors may be corrected with an affidavit of correction, but significant changes require a new duplicate document.
  • Addressing bureaucratic processes
    Correcting major errors may involve a bureaucratic process, potentially requiring interaction with the prior owner and re-execution of signatures.

Precautions Before Filling Out the Document

  • Double-Check Information: Before completing a car title document, ensure that all information is accurate. Writing incorrect details, such as the buyer’s information in the seller’s box, can invalidate the document.

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