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How to Get a Surety Bond for a Car Title

Do you need to obtain a surety bond for your car title? A surety bond process, also known as a bonded title process, is a great way to get a new title. This can be especially helpful if your title is lost, damaged, or missing. Read on to learn how to get a surety bond for a car title.

What is a surety bond?

A surety bond, known in this context as a title bond, is used to secure the claim of ownership over a car or vehicle that does not have sufficient evidence of ownership. A surety bond is a form of insurance that you obtain to back up your claim that you are the owner. In the event that someone else comes forward to claim ownership, the surety bond company will cover the damages. However, you’ll be on the hook to pay back the surety bond company.

How much does a surety bond cost for a car title?

The cost of a surety bond is based on the value of the vehicle. Most states will require the bond amount to be 1.5x the book value of the vehicle. This means, that if your vehicle is worth $4,000, your surety bond amount should be $6,000.

However, you don’t have to pay $6,000 to the surety company to get a surety bond. Most surety bonds cost around $100-$150 to purchase for most average-value vehicles. The remaining amount of the surety bond won’t come into play unless there is a discrepancy in ownership after the title is issued. If that were the case, you will be responsible for paying back the remaining amount.

Where can you get a surety bond for a car title?

Surety bonds are often purchased from a surety company, such as Since a surety bond is a form of insurance, many insurance agents are also able to issue surety bonds for car titles. Before purchasing your surety bond, make sure to verify the bond amount required in your state and that your state accepts bonded titles. Once issued, surety bonds are nonrefundable.

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