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DMV Vehicle Title Rejection

Understanding the Rejection

  • Get a formal rejection letter.
    So how do you deal with a DMV vehicle title rejection? If you have a vehicle you’ve purchased and are attempting to get a title and the DMV has rejected your application, you want to start with getting a rejection letter. You want a formal version of that rejection so you know exactly what the reasons for the rejection are and what the deficiencies are in your application. That way, you can start fixing that problem. If you just walk away with a verbal description, you may not be able to understand what that title agent actually needs to get that DMV application done.
  • Understand the rejection points.
    Once you get the rejection letter, you can look very specifically at what is needed. Users will have check marks, so if you need a notary or a Lien Release, those will be checked off in the box room. You’ll know exactly what to get. Match up the rejection with the statutes for that state. In some cases, a title application is rejected when, in fact, it’s sufficient as presented. The statutes weren’t understood properly by that DMV agent. If that’s the case, you may want to check with other locations, other DMV locations, or other reps, even in the same office. Sometimes, if you go to a different person, they’ll be able to interpret the statutes correctly.

Taking Action

  • Seek consumer advice.
    If you need consumer advice about your title application, you can reach us at our website,
  • Address Rejection Points
    Start by boiling down the reasons for the rejection. Make sure you understand exactly what all those rejection points are, because it might only be one thing you need. One piece of paper will solve all of that. Be very careful with Bonded Titles. If you’ve been rejected by the DMV and you try to get a bonded title, the bonding company might reject your bond for the same reason. So make sure that any of the problems you can solve are solved first, because a bonded title is only going to work if the bonding company agrees that these rejection aspects are not crucial or fatal to getting a title.

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