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Can’t find Prior Owner of a Vehicle Title

In many cases, it was a difficult car title problem. The issue is that you can’t find the prior owner of the vehicle. You can’t find the prior titled owner. There may have been an owner, but they may not have been on title. You’re going to need that title owner for a signature. You’re going to need them to sign the title over to you, maybe even to request a duplicate so then it can be transferred to you.

Back Chaining: Tracing Ownership
The best way to do that is to start with back chaining the seller. So if the seller you bought it from may know the person who last was on title, they may know maybe two owners ago who is on title. You may also be able to look at lien holders. So sometimes a lien holder will know the last titled owner.

Utilizing Social Media
You can even look at things like social media. If you know the name of the person or relative, you may be able to discover them through social media.

Last Resort: Licensed Agent
Worst case scenario, if all of your do-it-yourself processes have been exhausted, you can work with a licensed agent such as us to discover prior owners using the DPP, an acceptable use, and then you can get a duplicate title that can then be signed over to you so you can understand your ownership correctly.

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