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Can’t find Prior Owner of a Vehicle Title

In many cases, a difficult car title problem arises when you can’t find the prior owner of the vehicle. This poses a significant challenge because the prior titled owner’s signature is often required for various processes, such as transferring ownership or requesting a Duplicate Title.

Strategies for Finding the Prior Owner
One effective strategy is to start by back-chaining the seller. The seller you bought the vehicle from might have information about the person who was last on the title. They might even have knowledge about owners from previous transactions. Additionally, exploring lien holders could provide clues about the last titled owner.

Utilizing Other Resources
If traditional methods fail, consider alternative resources, such as social media. By searching for the name of the person or their relatives, you might uncover valuable information that leads you to the prior owner.

Seeking professional assistance
When all DIY approaches have been exhausted, working with a licensed agent becomes necessary. These professionals have access to databases like the DPP (Department of Public Safety), which can help locate prior owners. Once located, you can proceed to obtain a duplicate title and complete the necessary transfer processes.

Dealing with difficult car title problems requires patience and resourcefulness. By employing various strategies, including reaching out to sellers, exploring lien holders, utilizing social media, and seeking professional assistance, you can overcome the challenge of locating prior owners and ensure proper ownership of your vehicle.

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