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Why Is It Hard To Get A Car Title From The DMV?

A common question among those looking for a car title is why is it so hard to get a car title? If you have the prior certificate of title, the process will be a bit easier. But what happens if you are missing ownership documentation? On the surface, there are many different methods and rules to follow to get a car title and it may seem more difficult than it’s worth. However, there is a reason why it can be challenging, and it’s not to make your life difficult.

What is a car title?

A car title, also known as a vehicle title or certificate of title, is a legal document that assigns the ownership of a vehicle. The car title also states the identifying factors of the vehicle such as VIN, make, model, year, etc. Every car title is different and no two cars will have the same title, even if they’re the same make and model year.

Why is it hard to get a title from the DMV?

The DMV makes it intentionally difficult to get a title, not because they want to make your life problematic, but because by issuing a car title to someone, the DMV is effectively taking away the title rights from the prior owner.

At any given time, there can only be one valid copy of the certificate of title. A photocopy or photograph is not an acceptable or official copy. When the DMV transfers the ownership of a vehicle, the prior information is archived and the new owner information is updated. Once that new owner information is updated, no one other than that listed owner can make changes to the title record. The DMV wants to make sure that the right people are being issued titles for vehicles.

In the event that the new owner is obtaining ownership through an invalid transfer, the DMV has time to search their title records to notify the correct owner of the title change request. Once the title is issued from the DMV, it is an official certificate of title and if you don’t have the proper paperwork to prove the car is yours, it’s gone.

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