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Where Should You Keep Your Car Title?

Everybody wants to keep their car title safe, but the question is where should you keep it?

You should keep it at home and not in your car.

You should keep it at home and not in your car. If you leave your car title in your vehicle, you may end up losing it or having it stolen. You might not notice that it’s missing until you need to use it, which could be a problem if you need to transfer ownership or sell your vehicle.

The best place to store your car title is with your other important documents such as your passport, birth certificate, etc. This way, all of your important documents are kept in one single location and are less likely to disappear.

Store your car title carefully and in a dry area

Why do you need to worry about how carefully you store your car title? If there is any damage to your car title certificate, from minor tears to water stains, the DMV will void your title certificate. The DMV will not accept car title certificates with any form of damage or outside marks. If your car title is damaged, you will need to apply for a duplicate title in your state.

How do you replace a damaged title?

If you’re the legal owner of a vehicle and simply need to replace your damaged title, the duplicate title process is likely for you. If you were not the last titled owner or the title was never transferred to your name, the duplicate title process will not work. In this instance, another method of title recovery may help you replace a damaged car title.

Even if you have full coverage on your car, it’s important to keep your car title in a secure location. That way, even if your car is damaged or stolen, you’ll be able to prove ownership of the vehicle and get a replacement title. And if you need to sell it—whether for financial reasons or because you want a different car—you can do so without any trouble.


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