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What States Are Easier To Get A Title?

The Myth of Easy State Titles
So is it better to get a title from your home state or go out of state to get a title? Many times, people who have title problems think, “Well, I’m going to go; what’s the easiest state to get a title from?” It’s a question we get all the time from our sales staff.

No Easy Way Out
In reality, there are no easy states. All the states are the same in terms of what their title requirements are because the title requirements come from the federal government. They’re executed by the state, but the federal government states what the requirements are. The only reason you think your state is hard is because that’s the only state you’ve really dealt with. All states are going to be about the same.

Risks of Going Out of State
Going out of state to get a title is going to be a big red flag because if you try to switch it back to your state, just like happened with that whole Vermont fiasco back a few years ago, states are scrutinizing and auditing these out-of-state flipping it around processes because they know you’re trying to avoid something in your state, either inspections, sales tax, or proper documentation.

More Trouble Than It’s Worth
And by the time you’re all done, you probably end up spending more money and more time doing out-of-state activities anyway. Sometimes it feels good to kind of feel like you’re getting over the man in your state, but in the long run, it’ll take you more time, more money, more aggravation, and more runaround than just going through your state.

Stick to Your State’s Process
Your state has a process to solve your problem, guaranteed. You just have to be diligent about it. If you’re always looking for some kind of backdoor loophole, you’ll end up spending more time, money, and effort than you did in the first place.

Red flags and investigations
Plus, it is going to raise a red flag because when your state sees you with a title you just got in the last few months in another state and now you’re trying to switch it back to your state, they’re going to wonder why you did that, and they’re going to open up an internal investigation and see if you avoided inspection, avoided sales tax, or avoided any other type of requirement for that vehicle, and if you did, that could create more problems than it’s worth.

Lessons from Vermont
And a lot of times these out-of-state processes are flagged even by that state because they want to know if somebody is trying to do something. That’s what happened with Vermont. The Vermont process was being used for nefarious purposes, and a lot of those titles got revoked. A lot of those people got into trouble.

Conclusion: Stick to Your State
So be aware that your state probably has something; no state’s going to be any easier than yours, and if it is easier, it’s only easier because you’ll be evading something that you’re supposed to do in your state. So if you want more information on how to get a title easily in your state, just click the link below at We have all the instructions you need to easily get a title in your state. We have title service if you want us to do it for you. We also have title consulting. If you want to speak live one-on-one with undivided attention from a certified title agent, you can do that as well at the website

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