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At Car Titles Answer Desk, we receive an overwhelming number of calls daily, covering a myriad of issues related to car titles. While we can’t address them all, we’ve selected a few voicemails that touch upon common questions. This blog post aims to provide insights into these inquiries, offering guidance on navigating the intricacies of the car title process.

Voicemail #1: “How Long Does It Take to Get a Title and Registration?”

The first voicemail hails from Florida, inquiring about the processing time for obtaining a title and registration, specifically related to the Vermont loophole process. Generally, the Vermont DMV takes 10 to 14 business days from the time the paperwork is signed to send back ownership documents. Attention to detail is crucial, as any errors may result in a rejection letter.

Voicemail #2: “Auction Title Woes”

This caller encountered issues with a title acquired from an auction, now lost before transferring it to their name. The process involves tracking down the legal owner listed on the front of the title and requesting a duplicate from them. Specific steps, including sending a duplicate title form via mail, are recommended to streamline the process.

Voicemail #3: “Deceased Owner’s Vehicle”

From Connecticut, a property manager faced challenges with a vehicle left in their yard, previously owned by a deceased individual. This scenario necessitates exploring options like obtaining a bonded title or pursuing a court order title to establish ownership.

Voicemail #4: “24-Hour Title Service?”

A caller from Georgia, now residing in another state, sought a replacement title for their Michigan-registered vehicle. Clarification is provided that acquiring a title is a government-regulated process, not achievable within 24 hours due to the specialized printing and verification requirements.

Voicemail #5: “Title Retrieval for a Deceased Owner”

A more complex case from Maryland involves a 2008 Chevy van purchased without receiving the title. The process requires lien release documentation, and if the financial institution is defunct, reaching out to the bankruptcy trustee or registered agent is crucial for securing a title.

Voicemail #6: “Boat Title Inquiries”

Questions regarding obtaining a title for a boat mirror the process for motor vehicles. Boats are often titled similarly, and the same principles apply when it comes to registration and documentation.

Voicemail #7: “Notarized Bill of Sale”

A caller from Georgia questioned whether a bill of sale needs to be notarized for title purposes. Generally, Most states do not require notarization for a bill of sale unless specified in the state’s regulations.

Voicemail #8: “Lien Release Predicament”

From Tennessee, an individual sought information on completing a lien release, especially when the financial institution has filed for bankruptcy. The solution involves sending documentation to the bankruptcy trustee or registered agent for lien release.

Voicemail #9: “Jumping or Skipping Title”

A caller from Texas detailed a situation where they purchased a car, and the previous owner mentioned the original owner’s demise. This often indicates a title jumping scenario, and solutions involve obtaining a lien release or pursuing a court order title.

Navigating the Title Maze

These voicemails represent just a fraction of the daily inquiries we receive. Navigating the title process requires diligence, adherence to procedures, and often a creative approach to resolve unique challenges. If you find yourself facing title-related issues, consult our website for more in-depth guidance and step-by-step instructions tailored to your situation.

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