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Vehicle Titles Are Going Digital, Starting With West Virginia

It’s official! Vehicle titles are going digital. At the end of 2022, West Virginia became the first state to transition to digital vehicle titles and registrations.

What are the perks of a digital vehicle title?

With a digital vehicle title, gone are the days when you’re searching tirelessly for a document that you probably haven’t seen in years. You’ll be able to access and keep your vehicle title on your smartphone, like an airline ticket. It’s not a tangible document, so it won’t get lost amongst other important documents, and it’s accessed by a secured app. When you need to access your vehicle title to sell your car or trade it in, you can easily access your current title on your phone.

Since the vehicle title isn’t used regularly, printed titles often are misplaced, damaged, or stolen. With a digital title, the access is always there and kept secured behind a login so nothing can happen to your title when it’s not being used.

What do you think about the transition to digital vehicle titles?

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