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Transferring a Vehicle Title

Obtaining the Correct Title Document
So what are the steps involved with transferring a vehicle title if you’re transferring a title to someone else or somebody is transferring it to you you have to start with the correct title document you have to have that legal title document that’s issued and printed with the name of the person who’s in front of you or us the seller correctly identified.

Ensuring Proper Signatures and Information
The next thing you have to do is make sure that it’s signed properly that the seller listed on the front of the title signs it over transferring ownership to the new buyer you also want to fill it in correctly you want to fill in the name of the buyer you want to fill in the date any other information before you print in that space look very carefully to make sure that it’s the correct information for that space.

Importance of Accuracy
Here’s the reason why if you make a mistake and cross it out or write it out or change it that title becomes void so to transfer that title make sure you have the right information on the right line before you fill it in especially with dates and also mileage make sure if there’s a space for odometer readings you put that correctly.

Notarization and Additional Documents
Find out if the document needs to be notarized some states require notarization for some types of title documents some don’t it needs to be notarized make sure you don’t sign it until you in front of that notary because they have to witness that signature being made they don’t notarized it later other documents may be involved you might also need a bill of sale you may also need a power of attorney you may need a mileage statement a separate document you may also need to pay taxes or registration fees.

Understanding State-Specific Processes
Make sure you understand all the processes involved with that particular title transfer it varies by state it also varies by the year of the vehicle make sure that if there’s a lien or lien holder listed on the title that that lien is released and properly endorsed before the title is transferred.

Seller’s Responsibility
If you are the seller be sure to file and notice that the title is transferred what you don’t want to have happen is sell a car to somebody who sign it over give them the title if they don’t present that title to the DMV on a normal basis that title legally is in your name until they do and the DMV is not going to know that you sold it until that person brings it to them.

Buyer’s Responsibility
So if they let it sit in a driveway maybe fix it up it’s still in your name which means you have all the liability if something happened to that vehicle parking it gets towed even if it’s involved as accident the first person that kind of come see is you because legally on their records you’re the legal owner so you want to make sure you file a notice whether the buyer does or not you file a notice if you are the buyer transfer it quickly because in the meantime if you lose that document then you’re gonna have to go back in to the seller and get another one they might not want to do that for you if for some reason that seller has a legal problem they go through bankruptcy they get divorce if they die that asset of the vehicle is still going to show up in their name so any creditors or beneficiaries of that sellers estate are going to be looking for that vehicle and you’re gonna have to prove that you bought it from them if you don’t have your title that vehicle is subject to being seized so buyer and seller both have responsibilities transfer that paperwork correctly be sure and double-check all the lines before you’re right in them so the title doesn’t become void.

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