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Title Lienholder Out Of Business – American Car Center

In recent times, the automotive finance landscape has seen a wave of major companies going out of business, leaving borrowers in a state of uncertainty. One such company to fall victim to this trend is American Car Center, a prominent Buy Here Pay Here chain with a substantial presence across 10 states. As they close their doors, the fate of active loans and the accessibility of titles becomes a pressing concern for borrowers.

The Domino Effect: American Car Center’s Closure

American Car Center’s announcement of closure, resulting in the termination of 288 employees, marks another domino in the chain of automotive finance companies facing financial troubles. With 40 plus locations ceasing operations, borrowers find themselves in a precarious situation, wondering about the fate of their loans and titles.

Implications for Borrowers: Title Retrieval Challenges

For those with active loans at companies facing closure, such as American Car Center, the primary concern lies in the retrieval of titles. As the company halts operations and paperwork processing, borrowers are left in limbo. The looming question is, how can you secure your title and protect your rights as a borrower?

Immediate Steps for Borrowers: Title Recovery and Civil Liens

1. Title Recovery with the Dealer Licensing Division:

The first recommended step is to immediately file with your state’s Dealer Licensing Division for title recovery. This proactive approach can help safeguard your rights and initiate the process of securing your title.

2. Consider the Civil Lien Process:

Exploring the Civil Lien process is another avenue to consider. While not legal advice, initiating this process with your jurisdiction could potentially declare you as the owner of the vehicle. It’s crucial to consult with legal professionals to understand your rights and consumer protection in this complex situation.

Early Action is Key: Mitigating Risks and Maximizing Rights

It’s imperative for borrowers not to procrastinate in responding to the closure of their lender. Waiting until the end of the loan term or a few months down the line might jeopardize potential avenues for resolution. Starting the process early can mitigate risks, ensure you don’t make unnecessary payments, and protect your rights to obtain your title or lien release.

Seeking Legal Advice: An Added Layer of Protection

While this post provides insights, it’s crucial to emphasize that it’s not legal advice. Borrowers are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel to understand their unique situation, consumer protection rights, and the most appropriate course of action based on individual circumstances.

Empowering Borrowers in Uncertain Times

In times of financial turmoil in the automotive finance industry, borrowers must be proactive in protecting their interests. Swift action, early filing for title recovery, and exploring legal avenues can make a significant difference in securing titles and preserving the rights of those affected by the closure of lenders like American Car Center.

Stay Informed, Act Decisively: Your Title Awaits!

As developments unfold in the automotive finance sector, staying informed and acting decisively are crucial. This blog aims to empower borrowers with the knowledge needed to navigate the challenges brought about by the closure of major automotive finance companies.

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