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This Week’s Car Title Arrests

Car Title Scams Unveiled: Stories of Victims
Every week we’re going to feature a few articles and news stories about car title scams and people that have been damaged by illegal operations with car titles.

Georgia: Forgery Unveiled
Now there’s a couple this week from Georgia Texas Kansas and Indiana the first one is somebody who forged documents for people using out-of-state processes to get titles one of the quotes was an investigators believed that they were assisting out-of-state customers in submitting the forged document so these are customers who were trying to get titles and that the the title agent was forging their name and forging documents to get them titles.

Texas: Title Manipulation
In another case a person failed to send titles to people who paid for them and so they had cars they couldn’t legally drive in Texas there was a man that was charged for changing information on title applications so they would go through DMV illegally so that application normally wouldn’t go through but they changed information so the DMV would accept it and that made the titles illegal in invalid.

Indiana: Theft Charges
Now the last one that guy was charged with six counts of theft and eleven counts of failing to deliver titles when you’re looking at getting a title for a vehicle the bureaucracy with the DMV and what the process might make it tempting to seem like the loopholes are an easy way to go especially when it cost more money but in reality if you have a vehicle that’s your car you deserve to get a title and there’s a legal way to do it to avoid some of these illegal corrupt business practices and people not sending titles.

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