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The #1 Tip to Getting Your Car Title Faster

When you think of the DMV, “fast” may not be the adjective you choose to describe them. Before dragging the DMV too much, there is one simple tip that you can use to get your car title processed faster. Like most businesses in 2021, the DMV heavily relies on computer automation for its processes. To get your car title processed faster, appeal to the automated processes and type your documents.

The old ways of manually filling out your title application are phasing out and technology is taking over. Today most DMVs use a computer processing system to read documents called optical character recognition (OCR) to recognize the characters and upload them into the DMV database. If your title application is typed, the OCR system typically has no problem reading your application and has the ability to speed up processing times. While most DMVs still allow handwritten applications, OCR systems may have trouble deciphering certain characters resulting in manual processing. With your application now in the hands of a DMV employee to be manually reviewed, your processing time will likely be much longer.

Most state title documents are available on your state’s DMV website as a PDF. Many programs allow for PDFs to be edited, check out this article for ways to type into a PDF. Automation is what makes title processing faster, make it easy on yourself and the DMV by typing your title application.

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