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Online Car Titles

Ensuring Legitimacy
Where can you get a vehicle title replaced online? Well, first of all, many DMVs, the official government agency, have processes to order a title through their website online. Make sure that if you’re ordering a vehicle title, it is through a licensed DMV agent or the DMV itself. If it’s a title agent, make sure that the agent is affiliated with the DMV. If they’re not doing anything that they’re doing, you can do it yourself basically for free, and you don’t have to pay them.

Understanding Risks
Also, verify that you’re not signing over ownership of this vehicle to another party, because if part of the process is signing over ownership to them, they put it in their name, and then they sign it back to you. There’s a lot of risk involved with that, even if it’s legal.

Mechanic’s Lien Considerations
The next thing is to look to see if there’s a mechanic’s lien involved. There is a mechanic’s lien process that is used by a towing company to title an impounded vehicle for the purpose of auction. That process is very frequently misused to get titles for people. When that happens, the titles are revoked, they’re made invalid, and people involved a lot of times have penalties associated with it.

Understanding Costs
Make sure that if you’re dealing with somebody online, you know their location, their address, and their identification. What is the cost of what you are actually paying for? Have them itemize the amount. How much is the actual title? How much is it for their service?

Legal Verification
And then last, verify that it is legal, and don’t go by their word. If it’s legal, verify that all the processes they’re using qualify for the statutes for that state and that they have licensed themselves with a business license that you can verify independently of what they give you.

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