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No More Vermont Titles Ever

The Rise and Fall of Vermont Title Loopholes
Well, if you’re here and reading this, it’s because you’ve heard something about getting a title from Vermont—maybe you’ve heard a lot about getting a title from Vermont. This has been a subject for more than 10 years, using a loophole to get a title from Vermont.

The End of an Era in 2023
Well, if you’re familiar with it and you’re a veteran, you probably already know this: all good things must come to an end. In June 2023, the state of Vermont finally caved into pressure from other states to stop issuing these loophole registrations to people all over the country.

The Loophole Process and its Termination
In order for them to use that to get a title in their state, you could use a bill of sale and get a registration and a license plate from Vermont, take that as your proof of ownership, bring it to your state, and switch over for a title. Now, the other secret is that a lot of people never switched it over; they just kept driving on Vermont plates in their state. That’s a whole other issue.

The End of Vermont Registrations for Out-of-State Residents
Finally, as of January 2024, when we’re doing this video, Vermont will no longer give registrations to people from out of state. In fact, they don’t issue registrations for old cars anymore. You have to get a title, which means you have to have the old title.

Resident Restrictions and the Permission Slip Dilemma
Even if you did that, you have to be a resident of Vermont. They do not give titles, registrations, or anything else to out-of-state residents. Even if you get the magic permission slip signed, you’ll see in prior videos and on our website what we used to talk about. Look, if you can get your state to give you a permission slip to sign it from your DMV to let Vermont give you an out-of-state registration, we’ll still do it. Most states weren’t doing that anyway, but now that’s over.

The Drawbacks of Vermont as a Title Solution
Vermont wasn’t the best way to get a title, even going back two or three years. There were other methods that were way better; they were cheaper. Vermont used to charge you outrageous sales tax; that’s why they kept doing it because they’re making a lot of money. Vermont made you jump through a lot of hoops.

The Cautionary Tales of Using Loopholes
So, you can still do all the other legal methods of getting a title in your state. Don’t use any of these out-of-state loopholes because they’re just going to come back to haunt you. In fact, we’re hearing stories from people who got a Vermont registration in 2022-2023, used it to get a title in their state, did the loophole, and now their state is going back and revoking their title because they didn’t do it the proper way.

Alternatives to Vermont Titles
What does that mean for you if you have a vehicle that you need to get a title for but don’t have proper documentation for? That’s okay. There are methods you could use; you could do a bonded title, a court order title, or a magistrate title prior to a contact. There are three or four different methods; they’re all better than Vermont ever was, they’re cheaper, and it’s just paperwork.

Vermont is Dead. Choose the Right Path.
Our website will give you the instructions; you could do it all yourself for free. We have a title service if you want our assistance; we’re glad to help. But, probably for the better, the Vermont thing is officially dead. There were a couple of little ways you could kind of still use it up until about a month ago by getting permission from your state, having an old car, and all that stuff. Now it’s over. Vermont will not give you anything if you don’t live in Vermont with a license. So, do it the proper way; go through your state; don’t use any of these out-of-state loopholes, urban legends, because they’re just going to come back to haunt you.

Seeking guidance and assistance
Our website will give you the instructions; if you’d like more information, you can call us up. The phone number is on the website below; you can even schedule a consultation with a title agent if you prefer, or we have title service where we can do all the paperwork for you.

The Era of Vermont is Officially Over
So, yes, the short answer is that Vermont is officially done. It was kind of over 6 months ago, but there were still some pathways you could try to use it. But now, forget about it. Vermont is dead. Forget about Vermont. If it’s the first time you’ve heard about it, you didn’t miss anything. If you’ve been using Vermont before, okay, now you can switch to Plan B. But Plan B is out there, and it’s better than Vermont ever was.

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