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MV907A New York Salvage Title Process Explained

Do you currently have a vehicle with an MV907A from New York that needs to be transferred to a vehicle title? New York, like some other states, allows for salvage vehicles to be rebuilt and titled for future road use. Unlike other states, New York is notorious for its rigid and strict inspection and titling procedures for these brands of vehicles.

What is form NY MV907A?

If you’ve purchased a vehicle from auction, you’ve likely received a salvage certificate known as form MV907A. This form is not equivalent to a vehicle title but is used as official proof of ownership to obtain a vehicle title, according to the New York DMV.

What defines a salvage vehicle in New York?

In New York, a vehicle is considered salvage if:

  • A vehicle model is 8 years old or newer and
  • The owner has indicated the vehicle was destroyed or received damage of 75% or more of the retail value of the vehicle at the time the damage occurred.

MV907A New York – Inspection Process

Before a salvage vehicle can be officially titled, the vehicle must be inspected by the New York DMV Auto Theft & Salvage Unit. Using the Salvage Examination/Title Application (MV83SAL), provide the following information about the vehicle:

  • Owner information & contact
  • Lienholder information & contact
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body Type
  • Fuel
  • Weight & axles (for trucks and heavier vehicles)
  • Odometer disclosure

On the second page of this form, you’ll be required to notate all major parts of the vehicle that were repaired, the type of salvage vehicle you are titling, and itemize all body repairs. Your MV907A form should tell you what type of salvage your vehicle is considered:

  • Recovered stolen with no damage
  • Recovered stolen (with damage)
  • Collision loss
  • Flood damage
  • Unknown
  • Other

Repairs and receipts

For every salvage vehicle, the insurance claim will record the major components that need to be replaced prior to inspection. In order to pass the New York salvage inspection, all of the repairs completed must match the insurance claim. If parts have not been replaced in accordance with the insurance claim, the vehicle will be rejected. Additionally, you must keep all receipts from parts you’ve used as replacements for your vehicle. At the time of your inspection, you must present all original receipts to the inspector and/or ownership documents for any of the items replaced. The receipts and/or ownership documents must present the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle that the parts were taken. The reason for this is to prevent a vehicle from being rebuilt with faulty or unsafe vehicle parts from previously damaged vehicles.

Salvage Title Checklist

The New York DMV has provided a checklist to avoid rejection of your application for a vehicle title. To ensure your application is approved, make sure all required forms are included and properly signed:

  • Salvage Examination/Title Application (MV83SAL)
  • Proof of ownership (original title, out-of-state title, marshal’s sale, police bill of sale, garageman lien, MV907A form, owner-retained salvage, or DMV letter)*
  • Original bill of sale and/or dealer reassignment (if applicable)
  • Form FS-6T or MV-50 for Proof of Sales Tax
  • Original lien or lien release (if applicable)
  • Proof of identity (individual, corporation, or partnership)
  • Check or money order with the correct fee

*When proof of ownership is submitted, it will not be returned.

Once you’ve gathered all of the required documents and receipts, mail your New York Salvage Examination/Title Application to the Auto Theft & Salvage Unit to set up an appointment for the inspection. The Division of Field Investigation will notify you of the date, time, and address of your appointment.

If you’re using the MV907A form, you must complete the salvage inspection process in order to obtain a title. New York’s laws regarding salvage title inspections are so strict, that other states include in their statutes that if someone has an MV907A from New York, no other state can do anything about it. The only way to get a title for a vehicle if it’s been issued an MV907A in New York is to go through the salvage inspection process in the state. This form does not transfer to any of the other 50 states and if it’s received by another state DMV, they are not permitted to do anything with it.

Even though New York is notorious for strict salvage vehicle inspection laws, they still provide the ability to get a title for a salvage vehicle. If you’re looking to purchase a salvage vehicle, make sure to do your research and homework on the vehicle before making your decision.

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