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Manual vs. Automatic Transmission: Pros & Cons

When it comes down to deciding between a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, the decision is often one of preference rather than necessity. The difference between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission is all in the name. Manual transmissions require you to manually shift gears, while automatic transmissions shift gears for you automatically.

Manual transmission (aka “stick shift”)


  • Manual transmission vehicles are typically less expensive when compared to automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmissions are usually easier to repair since they’re not as complex
  • Manual vehicles typically get better fuel efficiency due to having greater control over the vehicle.
  • Manual vehicles are less likely to be stolen due to many people’s inability to drive them.
  • Many drivers of manual vehicles feel they’re more fun to drive than automatic vehicles.


  • Manual transmissions require more skill to operate and the learning curve can be challenging for some drivers.
  • Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission isn’t as simple as pushing the gas pedal. May not be ideal for short-distance travel or heavy traffic.
  • They’re harder to find. Not many manufacturers (in the United States) make manual transmission models anymore.

Automatic transmission


  • Most vehicles today are manufactured with an automatic transmission.
  • Automatic transmission vehicles are easy to drive.
  • Automatic transmission vehicles are more convenient to drive in situations like short-distance travel, city driving, and heavy traffic.


  • Since most vehicles are manufactured with an automatic transmission, they’re more expensive than manual transmission vehicles.
  • Due to the inability to control the gear shifts, the fuel efficiency is lower for automatic vehicles.

At the end of the day, it boils down to preference. However, there are some important things that you should know about both types of transmission and their pros and cons. Both are capable of getting the job done, it’s just a matter of what transmission works best for you.

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