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Lost Title? Here’s How to Replace Your Car Title

Have you lost your car title? Your car title is the most important document to have for your car. It certifies that you own the vehicle and allows you to do things like drive, sell, or even dispose of your car. That’s why losing your title can be both a hassle and a scary proposition. So how do you replace a lost title?

If you were the last titled owner, you can apply for a duplicate title.

In order to qualify for a duplicate of your lost title, you must be able to prove that you were the last titled owner of the vehicle. If your name is on the car’s title and you are unable to find it, check with your local DMV to perform a title search. The duplicate title process can be done online in most states or in person. To complete this process, locate and fill in the Duplicate Title application for your state, follow the instructions, and pay any applicable fees.

Additionally, it’s important to note that duplicate titles can only be issued in the states where they were last titled. For example, if you recently moved from Colorado to Texas and your car was last titled in Colorado, you’ll need to contact the DMV in Colorado to issue your duplicate title.

If you were not the last titled owner, you should try to contact the prior owner for a title transfer.

If you weren’t the last titled owner, you are not eligible to receive a duplicate of a lost title. The first thing you must do is contact your local DMV to see if they have any records of the vehicle. The process of finding the prior owner can be difficult, but if you are able to find the person, they may be willing to just sign over the title to you. DMV records are not accessible to the public. To access these records, locate the DPPA form required by your state.

If you are unable to locate the prior owner, there are other options to obtain a title such as bonded title and the Vermont title loophole.

If you’ve found that you weren’t the last titled owner and you can’t contact the prior owner, you can still get a title for your car. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for the Vermont title loophole or a bonded title.

  • If your car is 15 years old or older, you may be eligible to obtain a title using the Vermont title loophole. The Vermont title loophole allows non-residents of Vermont to obtain a registration that is equivalent to a car title in their state, then the applicant can transfer the registration to their state as a title.
  • A bonded title can be used for vehicles of almost any year in many states and involves obtaining a surety bond to secure the car title. A bonded title is typically pursued when the owner has very limited proof of ownership.

Don’t wait to replace your lost title.

The title of your car is important and so is getting it in a timely manner. Having to replace a lost title can be troublesome but in the end, it’s best to get your car title as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your asset.

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